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Qinoth for string orchestra 2011/12

Creative Music Fund commission
Paul Stanhope / ACO2

Qinoth for string orchestraQinoth for string orchestra

The Australian Chamber Orchestra has joined the CMF in a commission / cultural collaboration for 2011/12. This is the ACO2’s first commission and the composer commissioned is Paul Stanhope, one of Australia’s rising stars. Paul’s commission, Qinoth, which means lamentations, had a special premiere in Sydney Wednesday 30 November (see Paul’s notes). In a conversation with ACO’s CEO Tim Calnin, at a special Creative Music Fund event (Tuesday 27 Sept 2011), Paul described music as ‘like plastic, you can move it any way you want’. In a wide-ranging interview he talked about composing using software, about editing his work, about managing his workload, about deadlines, and about the way a piece changes when it is handed over to the performers and the audience. When rehearsing Qinoth (Friday 25 Nov 2011) he spoke about how the piece had over 20,000 notes, and how these could be moved around and changed.

Qinoth premiered at the Vasse Felix Festival, Margaret River, Western Australia (2-4 Dec 2011) and was a sold out event. A special World Premiere for CMF investors was held on Wednesday 30 November at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.



Steven Alward / Mark Wakely
Ian Andrews / Jane Hall
Michael Austin / Jane McDermott
Austin Bell / Andrew Carter
Tony Cavanagh / Jann Gardner
Peter Cudlipp / Barbara Schmidt
Anne Coombs / Susan Varga
Greg Dickson / Penny Le Couteur
John Gaden
Cathy Gray
Brian Kelleher
Andrew Leece
John and Anne Leece
Macquarie Foundation
Scott Marinchek / David Wynne
Kate Mills
James Bradfield Moody / Geraldine Chin Moody
Jane Smith
Richard Steele
Janne Ryan
Peter Weiss
Cameron Williams